Social networks are about freedom and power to communicate our ideas, share other people’s and media’s publications, comment on issues of any type and even, mark our position on a topic.

The important thing is that, although there is no instruction manual for correct behaviour on social media since “Social” is adapted to users, there are networks that have a defined purpose. Instagram for photos, Twitter for “microblogging” or LinkedIn ideas for business and professional networking. So we can mention thousands of social networks.

Although we cannot reverse its use, it is important to take the best of each network and exploit it based on our communication needs, always taking care what is published, for whom it is published and what is the purpose of these publications.

What to do and what not to do in your personal social networks

It is recommended:

  • chuck norris approved Have a profile picture: in the vast majority of social networks this photo is public, take care of what you show, it’s your business card.
  • Share or publish things that you identify with: favourite music, playful or industry items, etc.
  • Fill in the description of your profile: Empty spaces do not generate trust in your followers.
  • Configure privacy filters: In some networks, you can create lists of things you want to share only with family, friends or with your co-workers.

What you should avoid:

  • Share risqué images, irrelevant to your customers or followers.
  • Raise the tone in some controversy. You are exposed to public derision, it is better to handle the conversation with clear arguments.
  • Lying, about anything. Your followers are given Dead End - close upaccountability for what you speak and sooner rather than later they can expose you.
  • Share anything just for the sake of it. It is important to have context and know where the information comes from what are you going to share or re-tweet
  • Post topics or personal information. It seems logical, but every day we see information that is shared about personal problems (couple, children, etc.) and even your personal phone number.

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