Social Media for Designers

I’m not a designer, but during a big part of my life, I’ve been working with many of them. There is something that is interconnected among these professionals; is that their work is their best resume and cover letter.

If you are a designer and you do compositing, sketches, user interface, web design, print media and on. Social Media is an awesome tool for you to expose your work. There are thousands of people that are already on it. Either for getting any new job or if you just want to showcase what you´ve done in the past, there are important tools and Social Media channels for you to explore.

  1. Behance a Social Media web platform. Is part of Adobe. In it you can find almost any kind of portfolios, there is also a job bank for those hunting new opportunities. Is pretty cool, you create a profile, upload your work, connect your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest).

The work you upload, sort of looks like a blog post. This will be visible to anyone and will receive comments and compliments about it.  One piece of advice, upload only the best of what you have, no unfinished material, I will leave a video after these links for getting ready on Behance. Here you can check some of the best things I found with the advertising tag on it

  1. Social Media 2017
  2. Chromaxone is enough
  3. Live Young behind the scenes – Evian
  4. This is gonna get ugly
  1. Another platform I will recommend is Dribbble, similar to Behance, this one you received an invitation to join in and upload your work of course. But one difference is that this one is like a boutique stage, more like a community.Things I like on dribble: You could place the colour palette you worked on your designs and also connected with Behance.

One great thing about this Social Media Platform is that as for jobs opportunities they work directly with teams. So if for example, Apple is looking for a web designer, the web design team at Apple will feature the Job post here.

  1. This one is really fun Threadless. Is a Social Media web channel. An e-commerce for designers. How does it work?: You create your account, upload your design and each week there is voting for the best or most liked design. After the voting ends, one is selected and is printed on T-shirts and others object, the winning have it work and can be purchased online and at a store in Chicago.

So, go get there and feature your work. It’d be on a T-shirt that everyone can buy 😉


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Attitude is everything and stereotypes not

  • When you are pursuing a career or a job, your attitude is everything. There’s is a lot of competition around there, especially in a country like Canada and in the Toronto Metro Area. A prepared and well trained professional is probably out there, not too far away looking for an opportunity just like you.
  • So, sell out but do not oversell. Most of the people already have great skills but I think they do tend to sort of oversell because we all need to eat something and pay the bills.
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    In our class we did an exercise, it was a bit of a stereotype one. We needed to look for someone with whom we might engage in a conversation. The first thing we tent to do, use our vision filter and being selective, riddling many interesting people along the way because they simply don’t look like us or other labels.

  • In the end, don’t judge yourselves, attitude is everything. We probably tent to look for outstanding persons to be around us, in my opinion, is better to emulate something exceptional than something a bit dull.

Is LinkedIn good for students at all?

Among all Social Media platforms you can find to procrastinate and have fun, LinkedIn is the least one for that purpose. Each time you log in chances are that you will find something valuable for your career networking.

Image from:

For those who are just getting the buzz word of “Get on LinkedIn” or have heard someone talked about and you just Google it and landed here; good news, I will resume some key points for you.

LinkedIn is a platform with some history, right now 14 millions of Canadians are part of LinkedIn. (n.d.). During 2015 half of the working Canadians were using it (Livingston, G. (2014, Nov 01).  So that’s a lot of people. If you want to know more the whereabouts of this Social Network you can take a look at this resource I’m leaving it here.

  • So Who should use it?: Anyone with a desire for a brighter future and planning ahead of their career. LinkedIn connects you with professionals with similar backgrounds, most important, is a remarkable way to do networking.
  • What can you find in it?: Individuals might use LinkedIn just to find a job, this is where it all starts. However, it has so many tools that in my personal opinion the least important is seeing it as a tool just to catch an occupation. You can research, read and even join conversations on many topics with graduates and professionals of the same field you are; from all around the world.
  • When is the best time to post?: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, between 7:30 am and 8.30am, 12:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Social Media is about sharing. So as many people read your content or know what you want to say is better for everyone. Hub Spot. (2016).
  • Why do I need to use it ?: Is an excellent Social Media platform to start selling you as a professional in your field. You connect with current and former businesses, employees; as well as classmates. Individuals that can recommend your work. The more people you know, the better.

Keep a positive attitude and don’t lie, you will get busted sooner or later. Be honest and open in your job descriptions, focus on results and if you join any discussions groups, keep a professional tone and a balance point of view.

I heard a comment on a LinkedIn presentation last year, maybe it could serve as an example to whom accept or invite to join in your network: “I don’t accept anyone who I haven’t meet or shake hands before”. With some considerations, I will agree on.

Happy networking

Sheldon Cooper is a bad listener

Listening vs Hearing

  • Most of the humans, we know how to ear, but we don’t listen. These are 2 different things, at a conference or a lecture we might hear everything the speaker said, but we catch just portions of it. This is totally Ok, however, taking notes is always good for remembering key ideas.
  • We did a 30 minutes exercise precisely about it. Was fun and challenging. Many in the class did not get the whole idea after some minutes into the action, and some, probably until far end.
  • If you ever want to sell anything, first listen then talk. Don’t be like Sheldon, he is just a bad listener.

Be nice or leave!

  • On Friday 9th we learned to always be nice, especially if you are in sales. Well is not like we learned in a kind of way, it was more like an advice for the class. Long-term relationships in the advertising industry do pay off and are not as a hypocritical thing, is more like a professional survival strategy.By Diego Fernández (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • There are hundreds of sales jobs available on the market, though there is a difference between the ones that are looking for an advertising sales job and a retail sales job, with the “sales” association word on, it can look very similar to anyone. But there are big differences in between a sales door to door position or one sales job on a print publication.
  • Both definitely need to know all the benefits of each of their products. However, an advertising sales job could be a tricky one, since an ad sales executive can sale millions on a single transaction with a whole chain getting a commission on it.
  • You can notice a difference on how boutiques agencies and big advertising ones manage their way of selling, but in the end, there’s not a time for cry babies. If you didn’t make a sell, prepare for the next one and keep on going.