I’m not a designer, but during a big part of my life, I’ve been working with many of them. There is something that is interconnected among these professionals; is that their work is their best resume and cover letter.

If you are a designer and you do compositing, sketches, user interface, web design, print media and on. Social Media is an awesome tool for you to expose your work. There are thousands of people that are already on it. Either for getting any new job or if you just want to showcase what you´ve done in the past, there are important tools and Social Media channels for you to explore.

  1. Behance a Social Media web platform. Is part of Adobe. In it you can find almost any kind of portfolios, there is also a job bank for those hunting new opportunities. Is pretty cool, you create a profile, upload your work, connect your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest).

The work you upload, sort of looks like a blog post. This will be visible to anyone and will receive comments and compliments about it.  One piece of advice, upload only the best of what you have, no unfinished material, I will leave a video after these links for getting ready on Behance. Here you can check some of the best things I found with the advertising tag on it

  1. Social Media 2017
  2. Chromaxone is enough
  3. Live Young behind the scenes – Evian
  4. This is gonna get ugly
  1. Another platform I will recommend is Dribbble, similar to Behance, this one you received an invitation to join in and upload your work of course. But one difference is that this one is like a boutique stage, more like a community.Things I like on dribble: You could place the colour palette you worked on your designs and also connected with Behance.

One great thing about this Social Media Platform is that as for jobs opportunities they work directly with teams. So if for example, Apple is looking for a web designer, the web design team at Apple will feature the Job post here.

  1. This one is really fun Threadless. Is a Social Media web channel. An e-commerce for designers. How does it work?: You create your account, upload your design and each week there is voting for the best or most liked design. After the voting ends, one is selected and is printed on T-shirts and others object, the winning have it work and can be purchased online and at a store in Chicago.

So, go get there and feature your work. It’d be on a T-shirt that everyone can buy 😉


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