There is always a time when you sit down and think about the past. I foresee that Social Media won’t be as big in terms of one main and big Social Media channel cap the whole market. Instead, there will be emerging channels where you can take advantages of what they have.

We already saw blogging has never disappeared, but the main lights were on Facebook and others. Blogging in returning stronger than ever. Video blogging, in platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and of course Facebook is a big thing not new either, but with more engagement and time spent among users.

As for business matters, the content creator will be more exposed to be truly full of their contents. So if you have a blog about pets and you mentioned something that might be biased, you will be a slave of your words more than ever.

Internet freedom has been an issue and I think there will always be. Someone in your audience might like many of your content, but if at some point this person critics your work and you don’t reply or adopt a clear position about it, you might not be paying real attention, hear is not the same as listening.

In recent days I just hear about a new Social Media for photographers, like Instagram, called VERO, I haven’t tried it yet, I will do it eventually. But this is just an example of what will be coming in the next months year. New forms of communication and VR will be a part of it.



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